Some of the questions that we are asked by perspective members looking to join the Aviation & Marine Logistics 365 network are answered below, but if you have any others then drop us a line.

1. Will I receive business from other member agents?
The answer is yes, you begin to handle freehand and un-routed shipments, routings, sales leads, quotations etc from the members upon joining. This will inevitably increase your business volume. The level of business will depend on commercial acumen and pricing.

2. How does Aviation & Marine Logistics 365 verify that each of the members are working with each other?
The Principals monitor and discuss once a year the performance of the Members in detail by asking the members to fill in survey forms, they then act on their findings.

3. Will I have to stop working with my existing agents?
The answer is no, you would start to work with our network members where you have no partner but in the areas you have a partner at the time of joining we would hope that you would switch business to them within 12 months of joining. Exceptions are granted for commercial reasons.

4. What happens when a member is late paying an invoice?
The member who is late paying their invoice must be firstly reported to the Head Office prior to passing this information onto the Principals. The debt must be over 30 days in compliance with the Rules of Membership.

5. What happens if a member does not abide by the Membership Rules?
If the member does not comply with the Membership Rules the Principals have the right to expel the company's membership with the network group.